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Tongue Thrush Symptoms – Oral Yeast Infection Pictures

The most common places to find tongue thrush symptoms are on your tongue (obviously) and the inner part of your cheeks. Although in some people the infection can also spread to the corners of the mouth. Which only makes it more difficult to hide from others.

The symptoms of an oral yeast infection can be:

  • red tongue
  • red palate
  • white or yellow spots on tongue, palate, inside of cheecks or mouth corners
  • burning feeling in throat
  • fever
  • sensitive/painful tongue and/or palate

The short video below show you some tongue yeast infection pictures. I feel I have to warn you though, these pictures aren’t fun to look at.

Thrush can be quite painful as you’re probably already aware of. And if left untreated, the symptoms can spread into your throat. This will make even swallowing painful for you. When the candida does spread into the esophagus, it’s commonly called Candida Esophagitus.