Tongue Thrush Treatment – Forget About Chemical Cures

Proper tongue thrush treatment will differ according to how bad you have it. For instance, infants who have mild cases will eventually do away with these once the body is able to better regulate and mobilize its immune system. Also, certain conditions such as wearing dentures may also temporarily introduce these organisms but not necessarily lead to Candidiasis. Several factors come into play before it occurs.

For one, diabetics, people with weak immune systems, people with HIV and people who take antibiotics and corticosteroids may be more susceptible because of the favorable conditions for the yeast.

Treating thrush is best done holistically by addressing both the roots of the problem and alleviating the problem itself. As a matter of fact, as you’ll discover further down, chemical medication could be causing your yeast infection.

The Roots of Yeast

This form of yeast primarily thrives in the mouth and throat. It proliferates due to several factors. Among the triggers for an increase includes the intake of antibiotics which affects the latent chemical balance that transpires in the body. Aside from these, other medications such as corticosteroids and birth control pills can also do the same.

Medical treatment consists of nystatin, miconazole, suppositories for genital Candidiasis, topical mixtures and a vaccine that is currently still being developed for future use.

The disease can be very persistent and may return once the same ideal conditions pave the way for the yeasts growth.


Doing Away with Simple Sugars

Since thrush in your mouth and throat is directly exposed to the food that you eat, it is highly advisable for you to refrain from eating food that has high levels of simple sugars.

This means that you would have to stop drinking soda, coffee, and other sweet drinks. Solid foods with high sugar content such as candies, honey, cake, doughnuts, white bread, chocolate and others also encourage yeast population growth. A balanced diet not only balances the body’s chemical environment but also clears up other factors that could lead to the further intensification of the disease.

One ideal solution that you may like is ordinary yoghurt, particularly the ones which have Probiotics as well as lactobacilli. These are friendly bacteria that combat the overabundance of this fungus.

Since medication is one of the catalysts for the development of this fungus, it would also be wise to consult your doctor to find other treatments for the other disease. This could lead to other medication which would not affect your body’s inherent chemical balance.

Various topical home remedies are also available such as oregano ointments, garlic. Even some basic lifestyle changes like reducing your stress levels can prove to be a great natural tongue thrush treatment.

If you want more information on cures, click to check out the book below on yeast infections and thrush

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Tongue Thrush Symptoms – Oral Yeast Infection Pictures

The most common places to find tongue thrush symptoms are on your tongue (obviously) and the inner part of your cheeks. Although in some people the infection can also spread to the corners of the mouth. Which only makes it more difficult to hide from others.

The symptoms of an oral yeast infection can be:

  • red tongue
  • red palate
  • white or yellow spots on tongue, palate, inside of cheecks or mouth corners
  • burning feeling in throat
  • fever
  • sensitive/painful tongue and/or palate

The short video below show you some tongue yeast infection pictures. I feel I have to warn you though, these pictures aren’t fun to look at.

Thrush can be quite painful as you’re probably already aware of. And if left untreated, the symptoms can spread into your throat. This will make even swallowing painful for you. When the candida does spread into the esophagus, it’s commonly called Candida Esophagitus.

Why You Have White Tongue Coating

One day you might look in the mirror and see white tongue coating. If you haven’t gone over to the doctor to have it checked, then you may want to continue reading. That white coating in your mouth is most likely to be Candidia Albicans or simply yeast.

Chances are, you may have recently been prescribed with antibiotics because of a sickness. If not, it’s also likely that you are inhaling asthma medication or corticosteroids or maybe even taking birth control pills. There’s nothing inherently evil when it comes to these, but the introduction of synthetic substances in the human body tend to cause some complications. It just so happens that these have a negative impact on even the good bacteria that prevent yeast from multiplying.

Why the Tongue?

The tongue and the vagina have two similarities in this regard. First, they’re both openings of the body that bear something sweet. The mouth is where sweet foods that contain simple sugars come in. In diabetics, urine that has high levels of sugar goes out of the vaginal opening. Yeast thrives in moist environments and uses simple sugars for it to sustain itself.
It may also be possible that the white coating stemmed from your use of a denture. These are usually made with material that yeast thrives in. Furthermore, dentures tend to trap some food particles inside the mouth rather than bring them all in to the stomach where they belong.
Remedies for white tongue coating due to Candidiasis involve better oral hygiene, controlled sugar intake, and quite possibly a reassessment of the current medication that you are taking. The best recourse would be to consult your doctor so that you’ll be sure.

How the Tongue Thrush Treatment Site Was Born

You might be wondering why I would write a site about something like a tongue thrush treatment? Well, let met tell you how I first discovered all about oral yeast.

About two years ago, I went to the doctor because I was running a fever. Doctor did full checkup, nothing to worry about, just a virus. But he absentmindedly mentioned that my tongue looked a bit white. I meant to ask what he meant by that, but you know, high fever, fuzzy brain, lack of sleep,…I forgot to ask.

It wasn’t until weeks later that it popped back in my head though. Still didn’t know what the whole white tongue was about, so I decided to do some research online (which I love doing by the way). Turned out that a yeast infection was the most common cause.

Now, I don’t make a habit of standing in front of a mirror and sticking my tongue out, so I have no idea how long I had it. Or even whether it had looked worse.

As my doctor didn’t mention anything about yeast during my visit, and I was feeling a bit embarrassed to go back and get more info thinking that I might have it, I researched the whole candida problem even further online. I know, I know, not always the smart thing to do. And I do recommend you visit your doctor when something’s wrong (kinda like “do as I say, don’t do as I do” :-) ).

Anyway, in my case, my tongue seemed to have regained it’s normal color on its own. But I didn’t want to let all the research on a tongue thrush treatment go to waste, so I decided it might help someone else out who’s also to embarrassed to go see a doctor about it.